I am Nick. I live in Massachusetts and study computer science at UMass Lowell.

I make Android apps including this wicked awesome game

I play guitar (and I have a SoundCloud!).
I write original music.
Here is some of my favorite music:
The Beatles
King Crimson
The Grateful Dead
Simon and Garfunkel
Tall Heights
The Shins/Broken Bells
Streetlight Manifesto

I'm a big fan of Doctor Who (Classic included)


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    i was at the same show! we got suzy aaaaaaand meatstick!
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    my first show!
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  7. digmy-earth said: lol first time i dosed, glad i had phish to guide the force within.
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  9. possum-in-a-jar said: I have a total of one ticket, from the Gorge last year. I’ve been to more shows than that but… you know how that goes. xD Anyway I keep it in the bottom of my guitar pick box, and make sure it stays safe.
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